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Monthly Archives: April 2012

MAC-Ademy: An Introduction to the Material Adverse Change Clause

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Recently, a curious team of our M&A bloggers presented an internal roundtable discussion aimed at understanding some of the key issues regarding material adverse change (otherwise known as “MAC”) clauses. Part of what came out of that discussion is a presentation that provides an introduction to the MAC clause and some analysis regarding current trends in the way MAC clauses are being negotiated and implemented in the Canadian deal market.

In the coming weeks we will publish a series of posts that address some of these trends and other issues to keep in mind when negotiating, drafting, or … Continue Reading

Will the Battle for Fibrek Impact the Canadian M&A Landscape?

Posted in Public M&A, Shareholders, Strategy

The recent saga of Fibrek Inc. has been of great interest to those in the M&A community. Many hoped that it would lead to the Supreme Court of Canada giving its view of defensive tactics and strengthen the hand of boards of directors seeking ways to maximize shareholder value in the face of an unsolicited offer.  This would have been very timely as regulators have recently been considering the future of certain defensive tactics (for more on this, please see one of our earlier posts: here). Despite the SCC dismissing Fibrek’s application for leave to appeal, the regulatory and … Continue Reading

Financing the Acquisition of a Canadian Business: Cross-Border Credit Transactions

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The acquisition of a Canadian business by US-based purchasers is often financed by way of a cross-border credit transaction involving a Canadian borrower (such as when the US purchaser sets up a Canadian company to make the acquisition, often for tax reasons), possibly also a US borrower (or as is common when a new Canadian company is set up to make the acquisition, a US guarantor), and some combination of Canadian and foreign lenders. In cross-border credit transactions involving a Canadian borrower, certain particularities of Canadian law should be kept in mind when structuring and negotiating documentation:

  • Bank Act
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Buying a Canadian Business, eh? An Introduction to a Special Series

Posted in Private Transactions, Public M&A

We’re often called upon to provide Canadian legal advice to US-based purchasers contemplating the acquisition of a Canadian business. In many transactions, we act directly for the purchaser; in others we’re asked to provide Canadian support to the acquirer’s US legal counsel. There are many similarities between Canadian and US law but if we had a toonie* for each of the important distinctions, we might have enough to buy a Tim Hortons franchise.

Whether you’re a US purchaser or US legal counsel, there are many differences between the two legal regimes that you’ll want to know before delving into … Continue Reading