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Bitcoin Accepted Here? Funding M&A Transactions by Way of Bitcoin

Posted in Private Equity, Private Transactions, Strategy

There is no denying the increasing popularity and notoriety of the virtual currency Bitcoin.  Bitcoin market capitalization currently stands in the billions of dollars, with over 13 million Bitcoins having been mined and made available for circulation.  An increasing number of merchants, including Dell, have begun accepting payment by way of Bitcoin.  The list of… → Read More

A Graceful Exit

Paying Out Credit Facilities in Connection with an M&A Transaction

Posted in Private Transactions

It is quite common that an existing credit facility has to be paid out in connection with the completion of an M&A transaction, as a result of, for example, a new credit facility being put in place to finance the acquisition which replaces the purchaser’s existing credit facility, or as a  result of both the… → Read More

You Say UCC, We Say PPSA.

A discussion of the Canadian equivalent of the UCC - the Personal Property Security Act in the context of an M&A transaction.

Posted in Contractual Matters, Private Equity, Private Transactions, Public M&A, Strategy

Although we often think of the regimes that govern registrations made against personal property as a concern to lenders and their counsel, M&A lawyers and business people are unable to escape this area of the law… at least not completely. As part of the legal due diligence process in almost any M&A deal, registrations against… → Read More

Personal Property Security Estoppel Letters: What Are These and Why Are They Needed?

Posted in Public M&A, Strategy

The concept of an “estoppel letter” (also sometimes referred to as an “acknowledgement”, “waiver” or a “collateral narrowing letter”) in respect of personal property security registrations can be quite puzzling to US clients, as it is a much more common practice to obtain these in Canada than in the United States. However, purchasers in an… → Read More

Financing the Acquisition of a Canadian Business: Cross-Border Credit Transactions

Posted in Contractual Matters, Private Transactions, Public M&A

The acquisition of a Canadian business by US-based purchasers is often financed by way of a cross-border credit transaction involving a Canadian borrower (such as when the US purchaser sets up a Canadian company to make the acquisition, often for tax reasons), possibly also a US borrower (or as is common when a new Canadian… → Read More

Five Considerations for Borrowers Completing a Disposition

Posted in Contractual Matters

In my prior post, Seven Considerations for Borrowers Completing an Acquisition, I described seven key issues that borrowers should consider when completing an acquisition.   Similarly, if your company is considering a disposition (either of assets or of shares) and is a borrower under a credit facility, it is important to consider whether the proposed disposition… → Read More