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The Rising Trend of Reverse Break Fees

Posted in Contractual Matters, Private Transactions, Public M&A, Strategy

Break fees have for many years been a conventional deal protection feature of public M&A transactions. These fees, often referred to as termination fees as they are tied to the termination provisions in the contract containing the deal terms, are typically payable by a target company where it elects to end an agreement for an… → Read More

Beware of D&O Liability When Acquiring Foreign Entities

Posted in Public M&A

You act as a D&O on the board of a Canadian reporting issuer that is on an acquisition trail all over the world…..For each acquisition of a foreign entity, customary due diligence is conducted, but have you thought about potential D&O liability? Beware as D&O’s on boards of issuers in Canada and the United States… → Read More