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Doing Business in Canada 2016: Read the latest updates to our popular guide

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McCarthy Tétrault’s Doing Business in Canada provides a user-friendly overview of central aspects of the Canadian political and legal systems that are most likely to affect new and established business in Canada. The newest edition reflects legislative changes including:

  • Changes to the Competition Act and Investment Act Canada;
  • and an updated Mergers and Acquisitions chapter including new rules on takeover bids in Canada.

General guidance is included throughout the publication on a broad range of discussions. We also recommend that you seek the advice of one of our lawyers for any specific legal aspects of your proposed investment or activity.… Continue Reading

Hot Off the Press – Doing Business in Canada: Navigating Opportunities for Investment and Growth

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If your organization is currently thinking about establishing or acquiring a business in Canada, the newest edition of Doing Business in Canada, written by McCarthy Tétrault, will prove to be a valuable resource. The guide provides a broad overview of the legal considerations that non-residents should take into account to help ensure their success as they enter into a business venture in Canada. Each section offers timely information and insightful commentary on different areas of law.

The book includes a chapter on corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions, with sections on: 
  • public offerings and private placements
  • take-over bids
  • business
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Buying a Canadian Business, eh? An Introduction to a Special Series

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We’re often called upon to provide Canadian legal advice to US-based purchasers contemplating the acquisition of a Canadian business. In many transactions, we act directly for the purchaser; in others we’re asked to provide Canadian support to the acquirer’s US legal counsel. There are many similarities between Canadian and US law but if we had a toonie* for each of the important distinctions, we might have enough to buy a Tim Hortons franchise.

Whether you’re a US purchaser or US legal counsel, there are many differences between the two legal regimes that you’ll want to know before delving into … Continue Reading